Sunday, 24 July 2011

Explicit teaching & positive reinforcement of expectations

One school's example

The expectations of Tasmania's Evandale Primary School are based on PURRing! Students are explicitly taught to P.U.R.R.
  • Perseverance
    • By always trying our best and taking pride in our achievement.  
    • Learn all we can by listening, participating and completing work on time
  • Understanding
    • For each other, being courteous, cooperative and friendly
  • Respect
    • Our school - by keeping classrooms and grounds clean, tidy and free of litter, vandalism, graffiti.  
    • Respect other people - their feelings, personal space and property
  • Responsibility
    • Care for our equipment.  
    • Follow established classroom rules and routines.  
    •  Work, move and play safely
Students receive recognition of positive behaviour with PURR points:
  • 20 = icy pole; 
  • 40 = classroom book; 
  • 60 = small prize; 
  • 80 = passport to help out in another class; 
  • 100 = recognition morning tea.
This positive reinforcement scheme is a nice example of using "free and frequent" reinforcement to build a continuum of recognition.
Thanks to Deb Rigby at Evandale for sharing her school's great practice!

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