Tuesday, 15 December 2009

The Role of the School in Restorative Practices

Restorative Practices involve a major response from the school itself (over and above the staff response). Staff need PL (knowledge, skills and understanding) but, that is just the beginning...
RP involves a change of culture which requires
  • engagement of senior staff in the everyday life and work of the school, especially
  • engagement of senior staff in the everyday conversations
  • and a change in governance 

Associated changes in school governance need to be made and communicated ...
  • the school accepts responsibility for the use of RP (staff act on behalf of the school)
  • the school enables staff to use RP - time, provides structures, process, support, back-up, recovery strategies and assistance (it need to be OK to fail, at least in the short-term),
  • the school monitors the use, costs and contributions of RP (especially to capture the learning and experiences...)
  • the school genuinely lives the values required at all levels
  • the school understands RP as an investment (not just a solution), which means,
  • the school accepts that it is OK to lose time now in order to save time later on

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