Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Checking perceptions of justice

Insights into how we really dispense justice can be powerful and essential contributions to aching change. I suspect that many staff would be surprised at the what they actually practice.

Staff perceptions
One way to bring these out would be to
1. Get several staff members to tell a story of a recent difficult situation and how it was dealt with, then
2. Get them to rate it (putting dots on a triangle) in terms of
  • retribution,
  • deterrence and
  • restoration
I would see such an exercise as being important in the implementation of Restorative Practices in any school.

Student Perceptions
And there is another 'triangle' that could also be useful... in this one students might rate staff  in terms of whether they are

  • controlling (assertive/aggressive)
  • helpful (altruistic)
  • just focused on the facts  (analytical)
Same technique: get each student to
1. Tell the story of a recent experience then
2. Rate what the staff did (put dots on a triangle) in terms of in terms of the these three possible responses

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