Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Suicide prevention

Can restorative practices help reduce suicides? 

Restorative Practices may prevent suicide more often than we realise.

Clearly the use of restorative practices to reduce bullying and to repair the harm done by bullying is likely to reduce suicides by victims of bullying. 
But what about bullies and others who have done the wrong thing? 

This School of Life video explains how emotionally fragile we all are.  That we need forgiveness and respect and other emotional experiences from others in order to achieve and maintaining well-being so that we do not want to take our own lives. 

I well remember a really pleasant young man (teenager) who took his own life after his girl-friend became pregnant and decided to have an abortion without involving him in the decision making process. There was no family conference. One can only guess what unresolved emotional experiences led him to take his own life. So sad, a great waste and no doubt still so painful for his family and friends.

Click on the following infographic from to see the common warning signs associated with someone considering taking their own life.

Restorative questions, meetings can allow these kinds of emotional content to be expressed and properly addressed.

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